You can purchase the product in the following ways:  


Ding Dong Audio official Taobao store:


Ding Dong Audio official Taobao store:


Ding Dong Audio official Tmall store:


Purchase Process:  

1. Enter the store and consult customer service for product information to determine the best suitable gears for yourself  

2. Click the product link to buy the gear, and if you purchase the software, please wait for the customer service to send you the code for subsequent activation  

3. Waiting for receipt of goods


Purchase Instructions:  

1. Logistics  

We default Deppon Express and SF Land-Express, if you need SF Air-Express, please make up the price difference;  

Remote areas such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet and Qinghai are not free of postage.  

After receiving the goods, please confirm that the goods are in good condition before signing for receipt.  


2. About Invoices  

Our all gear prices are not tax prices, if you need to invoice please contact customer service.  


3. About Maintenance  

Most gears warranty for 1 year, fragile gears warranty for 3 months, all gear in the warranty non-human factors damage, can enjoy free maintenance, round-trip freight borne by both parties respectively.  


4. About Return and Exchange  

Due to product quality problems within 7 days free replacement (appearance does not affect the second sale + original packaging and accessories intact under the premise), and second-hand products will not be returned or replaced.  


5. Handling fee  

According to the regulations of the Taobao/Tmall platform, 1% handling fee should be paid to the platform official when making payment by credit card and Ant Credit Pay .  (If the price of the gear is 7600 YUAN, an additional 7600*1%=76 yuan is required). Therefore, please contact the official customer service to make up the handling fee when you use your credit card or Ant Credit Pay.