With its cutting-edge design concept and international top equipment brand agent products, dingdong audio has provided first-class system solutions for hundreds of large recording studios and master studios. Every single project, from order product budget to acoustic decoration design, from equipment construction to system integration, we will carry out extremely meticulous and rigorous planning. From the perspective of customers, we absolutely follow the principle that quality and price are equally important, so as to ensure the highest quality and optimal price. We do not expect the profits from every order, but the value of our long-term cooperation with customers. We have been looking forward to the customers' trust in Ding Dong's audio, praise for the professionalism and advanced nature of the products, and satisfaction with the company's rigorous planning.
Features and Advantages
High end brand
Most of the equipment sold by dingdong audio are imported audio equipment with more than US $1000
High end users
Our customers are the most high-end mixers, recorders, singers and producers in China
Salon training
China's only long-term face-to-face training courses and fixed weekly musicians salon
Reasonable price
Independent import and export qualification, foreign manufacturers direct purchase, no middleman
Sales capability
Alibaba ranks first in China's online audio device sales
Warehouse Sales
The only warehousing sales center in China, all goods are stored locally, no need for customers to wait and deliver goods on the same day
Display store
It is the first high-end equipment exhibition shop in China, providing trial, pre-sale and after-sale services for all products
Excellent service
China's best technical support team, to provide customers with one-to-one technical support
Customer groups
Instant communication wechat group with more than 5000 people communicates every day, which can quickly convey information to customers
Integrated services
We have our own acoustic design and decoration team, acoustic decoration and equipment integrated services